Offering our customers impeccable service that combines quality and efficiency is our primary objective.
We apply a strict quality procedure on a daily basis in order to guarantee a successful transport experience.


15 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time, your driver will be waiting for you inside your terminal or arrival dock, with a tablet in your name or a sign of your choice. A comfort break and a saving of time to work or rest. You will be informed of your driver's name and number to contact him if necessary.

  • Comfort - safety

  • Punctuality

  • Efficiency - reliability

Customized transport service / Roadshow

Your driver is dedicated to you: he will wait for you the time necessary for your appointments and visits, can advise you on travel times to optimize your day. He will be your real butler, offering you Wi-Fi, umbrellas, water bottles (or other on request) to carry your bags, to call for you to book on your behalf, do not hesitate to inform him of any requests that could save you time and comfort. Your route can be planned in advance with specific schedules or totally free. All our drivers are bilingual French/English.

  • Teammates trained in excellence

  • Hotels, museum, restaurant advices and booking

  • Flexible and bespoke service


Our experience in managing complex and diverse events provides you with unwavering support from the first to the last minute. A large fleet of vehicles can be deployed with our carefully selected teams and partners. We regularly cover the Paris Fashion Week, medical congresses and many other events throughout the year.

  • One or more coordinators dedicated to listening to you

  • Changes at any time and at the last minute

  • A large fleet of sedans, vans and minibuses

Excursions / Touring

In addition to breathtaking and varied landscapes, France has a mosaic of vibrant cultures and perpetual traditions. Today, our country is one of the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world.
Each of our excursions are designed according to your desires, the steps, the type of vehicle, the services on board, everything is fully customizable.
Our most requested excursions: Normandy, landing beaches; Mont-Saint-Michel, Loire Country; don't hesitate to ask us for the full list.

  • Recommendations for places of interest and documentation on your visits

  • Fully customizable service

  • For one or several days